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This home page is intended as a focus point for all 9.5mm film collectors and silent film enthusiasts. A place to exchange information and ideas, to keep interest in "obsolete" film gauges. Later, sections on 17.5mm and 28mm will be added.

Pathé introduced 9.5mm at the end of 1922 in attempt to bring the magic of the movies to the home.
Just a few months later, Kodak released their first amateur gauge 16mm. However, Pathé had the advantage of being first into the field with the gauge now called Pathéscope. "Le Cinema Chez Soi" was the slogan used to herald the introduction of the gauge in France. Originally, Pathé intended the gauge to be a means of presenting commercially made Silent Films in the home.

Soon amateurs demanded a camera to make their own films. Thus the home movie was born.
By the mid thirties the sound revolution had spread to the home movie scene with the introduction of 16mm sound, so in April 1938 Pathé launched its well designed Vox sound machine. Pathéscope released a good selection of Sound Films including Betty Boop and Popeye cartoons, and British and American features. Each year a lavishly illustrated catalogue paraded the Pathéscope offerings.

Click here to view some Quicktime Movies and frames from a 9.5mm sound film.

In the early fifties, Pathéscope introduced the "Pax" sound projector (left). Regarded by some enthusiasts as the best 9.5mm sound machine. These models are now quite rare. Towards the end of the fifties, Pathéscope produced a magnetic sound recording and replay machine with a 750 watt lamp. This machine gave the amateur the ability to add sound to their home movies.
See the Pathé Pax Instruction Manual (Note: Large files, about 1Mb in total !!)

In 1956, Pathéscope attempted to introduce widescreen to the amateur movie maker with the introduction of the Monaco projector. This machine projected both classic 9.5mm film and 4.75mm film. This system was very short-lived and lasted from about June 1956 to December 1956.

Pathéscope closed in England in 1960. For a while it seemed 9.5mm was destined to fade away. However, in 1962 a group of enthusiasts formed Group 9.5 to keep the gauge alive. The organisation is flourishing today with over 400 members worldwide. The gauge received a further boost in 1971 when two enthusiasts formed Novascope to make printed films available once more.

Recently, through the efforts of Buckingham Film Services, a range of 9.5mm equipment has been made available by converting 16mm models. Cameras, editors, projectors are all now readily available. Film processing has been the most recent innovation so once more users of 9.5mm have access to a modern colour film stock and processing. Regular lists of films and equipment are available.

Repairs, spares and transfers to video are available from a group of specialised services.

The Pathe Son (left), began production in 1951 and was an economy sound model. The results could be quite good depending on the film quality, and and the illumination was quite good utilising a 12 volt 100 watt lamp. Many are still working today although they have a notorious reputation amongst collectors.

For an illustrated history of 9.5mm you can purchase the VHS video  "Lights Out And The Stars Appear" form Grahame Newnham, Presto Films.

News: A modification to Specto 9.5mm to High Intensity Discharge lamp.

Group 9.5 (UK)

Group 9.5 is the club for all 9.5mm enthusiasts. Fortnightly meetings are held at St.Gabriels Hall, Pimlico, London SW1 . These screenings are an opportunity to see 9.5mm sound and silent films, and occasionally other gauges, and also to chat with fellow enthusiasts.

Regional Groups — Countrywide
In addition to the London fortnightly meetings, there are several 9.5 groups in operation around the country that meet mostly once a month. The following information will serve as a guide and for further details you can write to the member concerned or telephone where appropriate.

Southampton area
Monthly meetings on the last Wednesday of each month, currently in members' homes. Providing mainly for the showing of 9.5mm sound films. Organiser Grahame Newnham, 22 Warren Place, Calmore, Southampton. S040 2SD.
Tel: 023 8086 5086. Website at www.pathefilm.freeserve.co.uk

Leeds and Manchester areas
Monthly meetings on the first Saturday in each month. Most are in members' homes on a rota basis. Organiser Roger Spence, 12 Hayton Wood View, Aberford, Leeds. LS25 3AN. Tel: 01132812503.

Northampton and district
A ‘County Film Archive Trust’ meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at The Castle Theatre in Wellingborough. For details please telephone John Earl. Tel: 01933 222203.

The Spring Fair,  is a great opportunity to turn up a much sought after 9.5mm film or equipment. The event is not confined to 9.5mm and other gauges are always in evidence.

The big event of the year is the annual Get-Together. This event brings together enthusiasts from all over the U.K and visitors from the continent.Click here for details of this year's event.

Membership Details

Malcolm Cutmore,
24 Sandpiper Close,
Somerset TA6 5QT
Tel: +44 (0)1278 459335

Magazine Back Numbers
Back numbers of the group 9.5 magazine are available from Grahame Newman.

There are also 9.5mm clubs in France, Spain, USA, Holland, Switzerland and Germany.

9.5mm Film Database

This is the start of a comprehensive databaseof all titles issued on 9.5mm.

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